Post date: Sep 21, 2018 12:20:36 PM

Following comments that have been made to Fr Matthew regarding the cost of the wall repair (£19,500) he asked Edward Poyser the financial secretary of the Diocese to look into it, he came back to Fr Matthew with the following reply:-

“In relation to the price of the wall, the advice of Colinshall Green who supervised the work is that the price is, in fact, in line with similar work which had to be done for us in rebuilding a wall at another parish. Given the state of an emergency, and the overseeing of the work by Collinshall Green, whom we have used for many years, to find a reasonable figure, we believe that both we and the they acted totally correctly. Were the circumstances to arise again then the same instructions would be given. We also believe that you yourself acted totally appropriately, not least given that one of the other dioceses is facing a £3 million claim and criminal prosecution for the loss of an arm of someone when a wall fell on him.”