Post date: Nov 1, 2013 1:50:48 PM

November is the last month in the Year of Faith, which was started by Pope Benedict on 11th October last year, fifty years after the start of the Second Vatican Council. Since then we have been encouraged to read the Bible, to foster a love for, and deeper understanding of the Word of God. We have also re-examined the Catechism of the Catholic Church, which summarised the whole teaching of the Church after Vatican II.

Bishop Malcolm has given us 13 short videos which follow the themes of the Catechism, starting with the Creed: what we believe, and why; then looking at the Sacraments, the “stage posts” on our Christian journey through life; and ending with the subject of Prayer: how we get close to God and listen to him speaking in our hearts.

What follows next is down to us. How do we respond to our own vocation as a Christian? How do we carry out our mission to “Go forth!” and how do we become the “Living Stones” of our local church?

The Closing Liturgy for the Year of Faith will take place in Nottingham Cathedral at 12 noon on Saturday, 23rd November. Bishop Malcolm has asked for representatives from every parish, and every school in the diocese to take part.