Diocesan Yearbook 2014

Post date: Jan 3, 2014 10:45:03 AM

Now available from the back of Church at the cost of £3.00 each. Please put your money in the CTS box between the glass doors at the back of the church. Included in the year book is a fascinating article written by Deacon John Wilford on Lincoln’s Penal Chapel. The article also includes a picture of Lincoln’s first

post-Reformation Catholic chapel, painted by St Hugh’s parishioner Frank Heyes (page 206). There is also a very interesting article written by Mary Wilford about the St Hugh’s Parish Year of Faith Pilgrimage to Immingham Docks; with a photograph taken by St Hugh’s

parishioner Eion Coulthard (pages 207 and 208).

Also in the yearbook is a wealth of information about the various priests and parishes of the Nottingham Diocese, and much more.