Post date: Mar 31, 2017 1:09:02 PM

We have all heard in the press and seen on TV images of how the drought, war and food shortages are affecting millions of children and their families. In South Sudan and Somalia children are extremely malnourished and are dying from a lack of food. Other countries; Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda in particular are also heading towards crisis. We recognise that this month you have already generously donated to support CAFOD's Lenten appeal and we are again asking if you can spare some money to support families in crisis through a second collection this Sunday. Anything that you can contribute will be appreciated. Joining together as a community through donations, and through prayer, will make a significant difference. Thank you Dee and Frank (Parish CAFOD representatives).

Please use one of the CAFOD emergency envelopes if you would like your donation gift aided; these are at the back of the church. Remember, if you pay tax then for every £1 you give the government will give a further 25p, but only complete the Gift Aid section if you pay tax.

COFFEE MORNING in St Hugh’s Church hall on Saturday, 8th and Sunday, 9th April

Chrissie Walker is organising a coffee morning on the 8th and 9th April to take place after morning Masses. If you can donate a raffle prize, or cakes to sell, please do.

Raffle prizes can be brought in to church during the week and cakes on the day. Your help on either or both days would be greatly appreciated.

There is a famine in East Africa; thousands are dying for the want of food and water. They are in desperate need of our help!