Lincolnshire Echo - £20,000 Give Away Prize Fund Coupons

Post date: Nov 4, 2011 1:31:59 PM

Lincolnshire Echo has organized ‘£20,000 – Give away’ prize fund. The money will be divided 200 worthy causes; the Nomad Trust has applied and has been accepted. The Lincolnshire Echo paper is publishing coupons between now and 15th December 2011. Please support the Nomad Trust by cutting out the coupons in the paper. The more tokens we get the more we can raise. You can send them to the Echo yourself, or hand them into the Parish Office or one of the Clergy, and we will make sure they are forwarded. Thank you for your support.

Nomad Trust Food Donations: We are in very short supply of Long Life Milk. If you can help by bringing a carton or two and placing them in the trolley at the back of the church, it will be much appreciated. Thank-you for your continuing support.