Post date: Feb 13, 2015 12:54:22 PM

It is not always possible to celebrate your Mass on the day that you request. Father John may be away; the day you would like has already been allocated; or a funeral may mean that your Mass has to be rearranged. If you asked for a specific date and your Mass isn’t celebrated on that day please keep looking at the newsletter for the day you have been given (it is not always possible to inform you of a change in day as we might not know who booked the Mass).

People often ask how much is it to have a Mass said? The suggested donation, recommended by the diocese is £10.00. It is usual for your Mass Stipend to be given when you book your Mass, this can be put in the Mass Offering envelope, or if you have booked it over the phone given to one of the Clergy, but please put it in an envelope stating what it is for. Thank-you.