Post date: Mar 31, 2016 1:13:31 PM

Mary Potter was born in 1847, came to Nottingham in 1887 and founded the Little Company of Mary, a group of religious sisters who worked among the poor, the suffering, the sick and the dying in the Hyson Green area of Nottingham. She died in 1913 and was declared ‘venerable’ (an important stage on the journey to being recognized as a saint) in 1988. The purpose of the procession is for Christians to walk together and raise awareness of the work of Mary Potter, to celebrate the life of a very important local person, and to pray for her to be recognized as a saint. Like Mother Teresa in Calcutta, she was a heroine of her time and dedicated her life to caring for others. She is an example for us all to follow. But as a religious sister, her strength came from her faith, so this procession is also in the name of Jesus.

The procession, led by Bishop Patrick, will begin at 2.30pm from St Mary’s Church, Goodliffe Street, Hyson Green (NG7 6FZ) and will process along Alfreton Road and Derby Road before reaching St Barnabas Cathedral at 5pm, when Bishop Patrick will give Benediction. All are welcome to this walk of witness, at which many different groups will be represented including local Catholic parishes and chaplaincies, the Indian Catholic community, the African Catholic community, the Little Company of Mary.