SICK AND RETIRED PRIESTS FUND - Second collection this weekend!

Post date: Jan 23, 2015 12:51:16 PM

“Dear friends in Christ, retirement brings with it hopes and fears for all of us. Your Parish Priests are no different. Once at the centre of busy parish life, retirement can bring loneliness and the threat of hardship. After a life of dedicated service to the church, a priest needs support and guidance as this new chapter in his life begins to unfold. He may be concerned about where he will live, how he will maintain contact with friends and manage financially. Without the day to day responsibilities that have characterised his working life he may wish to explore how he might continue to serve the church in new ways. When a priest falls sick and has to retire, he needs our support. Our Diocese has always supported its priests at these crucial points in their lives and must continue to do so.” Rev Mgr Canon Thomas McGovern, Protonotary Apostolic, Diocesan Administrator.