YEAR OF FAITH - Believing in the Resurrection

Post date: Apr 5, 2013 12:58:52 PM

To believe in the risen Christ is to believe in the person of Jesus of Nazareth whose whole life proclaimed a God of love and mercy.

To believe in the risen Christ is to believe that this reality was not extinguished at death, and that Jesus’ love and forgiveness were stronger than the forces which killed him.

To believe in the risen Christ is to know that he who was foolish and weak became the wisdom and power of God.......

The resurrection means that Jesus lives on with such a fullness of life that he is able to animate a whole community of people.

The resurrection means that I have seen Jesus return to life and appear in the least of his


The resurrection means that, in Jesus, and especially in his death, I have understood the purpose of my life. (Taken from a meditation by H.J.Richards, Scripture Scholar)

Bishop Malcolm’s theme for April is The Resurrection. The next Year of Faith discussion group at St Hugh’s will take place on Saturday, 20th April after 10am Mass until 12noon. Everyone is welcome.