YEAR OF FAITH - Meeting God in unexpected places

Post date: Jun 7, 2013 1:27:04 PM

Last week a group of 50 people went on pilgrimage from St. Hugh’s to Immingham Docks. Fr Colum Kelly, the Apostleship of the Sea Chaplain, gave us a warm welcome, a tour of the docks and two talks during the course of the day. He illustrated the first talk with photos which showed us some of the appalling conditions that seafarers have to cope with on board ship, particularly on those ships that fly “flags of convenience” from countries that have a poor record on human rights. One of the most striking things that Fr Colum said was that he did not go on board these ships to take the Lord with him; rather he went on board to the place where God was.

The second talk, entitled “And the net did not break” was based on St. John’s Gospel, chapter 21, when the resurrected Jesus appeared to his disciples on the sea shore and cooked their breakfast, just after they experienced a marvellous catch of fish, symbolising their future mission to the whole world. Fr Colum reminded us to think about our own vocations and to go regularly into that special God-filled space deep within ourselves, in our own private space. This led into Mass and, during the Offertory, Fr Colum passed around a bag containing small sections of fishing net, one piece for each person present, to reinforce the theme of his talk. Before we left, we watched an enormous container ship move slowly past the centre, just over the road from Fr Colum’s flat. It seemed like an extension of the dismissal: “Go in peace, glorifying the Lord by your life.”

After a tasty meal of fish and chips, we prayed on the return journey for the work of the Apostleship of the Sea, for Fr Colum and all those who assist him at Immingham, for our parish of St. Hugh’s and for ourselves. It was an excellent pilgrimage. We had a great day out as a parish family; and we were humbled by the experience and grateful for the opportunity to meet God on the docks at Immingham.

Please note: the next Year of Faith discussion at St Hugh’s has been brought forward to Saturday, 15th June (not 22nd June as previously advertised) from after 10am Mass until

12noon. Bishop Malcolm’s theme for June is: The Sacraments of Initiation – Baptism,

Confirmation and the Eucharist.