YEAR OF FAITH - Pope Francis’ message to young people: “Go! Do not be afraid and serve.”

Post date: Aug 12, 2013 10:46:07 AM

Pope Francis’ homily at World Youth Day on 28th July speaks to all of us, young and old. Here is a flavour of the homily which concentrated on three commands of Jesus:

“Go” – Pope Francis said that our faith should not be locked up in our own little group or community. That would be like withholding oxygen from a flame. Faith is a flame that grows stronger the more it is shared and passed on. This mission is not born from a desire for domination or power, but from the force of love, from the fact that Jesus came into our midst and gave us, not part of himself, but the whole of himself..... Jesus not only sends us, he accompanies us. He is always beside us in our mission of love. The Gospel is for everyone, not just for some. The Lord seeks all. He wants everyone to feel the warmth of his mercy and his love.

“Do not be afraid” – If a young person thought they could not proclaim the Gospel, Pope Francis reminded them about the prophet Jeremiah, who said to God, “I do not know how to speak, for I am only a youth.” God replied “Do not be afraid ....for I am with you to deliver you”(Jer 1:7-8). Jesus promised “I am with you always”(Matt 28:20). He never leaves you (us) alone. He always accompanies you (us). Be aware of the companionship of the whole church and of the communion of saints on this mission. When we face challenges together, then we are strong, we discover resources we did not know we had.

“Serve” – If we allow our life to be identified with the life of Jesus, it is sharing his sentiments, his thoughts, his actions..... and the life of Jesus is a life of service.

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