Post date: Jul 5, 2013 2:20:08 PM

Supporting our young people at their Confirmation on Wednesday, 10th July and re-affirming our own Confirmation: In his latest interview for the Year of Faith, Bishop Malcolm said that he always enjoys administering the Sacrament of Confirmation; and feels that he is being confirmed, himself, all over again. He never tires of this. He also spoke about the great gift to the parish and the diocese when people are confirmed; and how he can feel the presence of the Holy Spirit on these occasions.

On Wednesday, 10th July, at 7pm, there are 28 people from our parish being confirmed during a special celebration of the Eucharist with our Vicar General, Monsignor Canon Thomas McGovern, Prot Ap. What a marvellous opportunity for all of us to offer our support and our prayers as these members of our parish family begin their adult life of faith. If we can possibly be present, we should do so; and if we cannot be physically present, we should at least link up mentally and spiritually with the occasion. Let’s make every effort to be there; to renew our own Baptismal promises with great confidence; to witness the real presence of the Holy Spirit at St Hugh’s as our 28 family members are anointed with the oil of chrism; and to be one with them and every other member of Christ’s Body when we share the Eucharist together.

The celebration will continue with refreshments afterwards in our church hall, and reinforce our sense of family before we return to our homes with a renewed sense of our common mission to the outside world.

Congratulations to Wilson Babalola, Angela Bautista, Cameron Coomer, William Croot, Callum Doherty, Jefferson Feerick, Rory Feerick, Shawn Fernandes, Elizabeth Hughes, Daniel Kane, Elizabeth Kane, Prashan Karunaratne, Ella Keogh, Agata Kirschner, Edward Knight, Rowee Legaspi, Martin Lewis, Jude McLoughlin, Shane Ritchie, Arun Regimathew, Rowan McIntosh, Olivia Pack, Diana Plikaityté, Ernesta Plikaityté, Mirosláv Pompa, Alfredo Rivera, Eoin Smith and Joseph Thumma.