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Saturday, 4th October at 7pm in St Hugh’s Church Hall

 Tickets £6 per person from Noel and Josie.  Available from Sunday, 24th August, tel: 01522 826390. 

 Profits go to  CAFOD’s Connect 2 Ethiopia appeal, which is the charity supported by St Hugh’s Watercolour group.


St Hugh’s Church - a little bit of history!

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The bells:  The bell tower was empty for 107 years, but it now houses three bells from the redundant parish church of Wispington.  Two of the bells are pre-Reformation and still have their original inscriptions.  It is good to hear the bells ringing just before 10am, and calling people to Mass as they used to do before the  Reformation.  Mass is celebrated every day when there is a priest available.  One bell also rings the Angelus prayer at 12noon and 6pm.

 An extract taken from ‘A Visitor’s Guide to St Hugh’s Church, Lincoln’ by Mary Wilford  (Only £2.50 - on sale at the back of the church)


Sixth Form Exam Results

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Congratulations to the students of St Peter and St Paul’s Catholic Academy on achieving excellent A level results this year.  Also, to the staff who have supported them in their efforts.  Indeed, our congratulations go out to all students in our parish who have taken exams recently.  We hope you have achieved the results needed to take you forward onto your next step in life's journey, whether in the work place or in higher education.

  Good luck for the future!


Apostleship of the Sea

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The popular TV programme Coast which airs this Tuesday, 12th August on BBC2 will feature Immingham Docks and hopefully our own Fr Colum who was interviewed at the Seafarers' Centre. 



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Refreshments are served in the church hall after all Sunday Masses.  There is no charge made, but you can leave a donation if you wish.     If you are a visitor to St Hugh’s, please call in and say hello.  If you are a parishioner and have never stayed for refreshments after Mass why not call in today and have a chat with your fellow parishioners, and clergy. 

 We don’t bite - honest!



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 Could you spare an hour on Thursday mornings after 10am Mass to help with cleaning the church and surrounding area?  In addition to the church, we look after the meeting room, music room, hall and kitchen, as well as outside the church. 



St Hugh’s Church - a little bit of history!

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Earthquake damage and the window of Christ the King:  Take a look at the high altar.  Originally, there was no central stained glass window.  The pinnacle of the high altar soared up to a point just below the face of Christ the King in the present window.  It used to be the custom, during the service of adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, for the monstrance (the vessel which holds the Blessed Sacrament) to be carried up a flight of steps at the back of the high altar and placed on the shelf where the crucifix is now.  Adoration sometimes continued all night, with a rota of parishioners taking turns to ‘watch and pray.’  On one such occasion on 7th June 1931 in the early hours of the morning, there was an earthquake, and the monstrance rocked backwards and forwards as the church shook.  Some cracks appeared in the chancel arch afterwards and the tie bars were inserted.  A few years later the stone-work at the centre of the high altar became unsafe and the central pinnacle had to be lowered.


In the early 1950s the present window of Christ the King was inserted.  Christ is shown wearing both priestly and royal robes and displays the wounds of crucifixion.  The small figures underneath show Mary and the baby Jesus, surrounded by angels, and receiving the three wise men.                                                                                     

                                                                                                                                        An extract taken from ‘A Visitor’s Guide to St Hugh’s Church, Lincoln’ by Mary Wilford




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21st - 25th August 2014 at the Roman Catholic shrine of Our Lady, Walsingham, Norfolk

‘The Journey’ is a 5 day prayer festival for 16 - 35 year olds, jam packed with great speakers, worship, social times, workshops and loads more.  Join 1000 young adults, on a life-changing journey.  Coaches from various parts of the country.

For more information visit the website: www.youth2000.org

Email: info@youth2000.org   Tel: 02072212124


Step into the journey …. Dare to begin!





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A tribute to Archbishop Malcolm from his special friends in SPANNED can be found in the latest SPANNED magazine, which is available for £2.50 including postage from Fr Frank Daly, St Peter’s Priory, Leicester Road, HINCKLEY LE10 1LW; or email:



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Weather permitting, could the painting volunteers please turn up at 9.30am next Saturday, 2nd August, to carry on with painting of railings, gates and courtyard.  
Many thanks
to everyone who helped tidy up the  parish car park during the week.


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